One Minute Track #1

One Minute Track #1

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One-Minute Track #1

Liner Notes: 

This is my first piece for 50/90. This year, I plan to write 50 songs with a duration of one-minute or less (but in my personal opinion, it's extra difficult because not only do I have trouble getting inspired to begin with, but I feel one minute is rather short for a work to be fully developed).
I did this in about an hour, at a time when I was feeling quite uninspired, and uploaded it on the very first day of the challenge.
The drums were a virtual instrument on Mixcraft 8, while the bass and guitar were recorded via my Steinberg audio interface.

Please keep your comments respectful, honest, and constructive. Please focus on the song and not the demo.


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I agree with you that one minute doesn't quite allow for an idea to really be developed, but at the same time, I think when creativity hits one should just go for it. What you have here is ripe with possibilities. Do you plan to come back to it at some point?

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Sounds like an honest and raw punk song with some ska rhythms. It's a good start.

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This is one of only two songs labeled "fast" right now. How is that possible? Short songs are the best. Cram it all in and get out quickly. Like a Nietzschean aphorism. Take real talent to do it, in fact. Smile

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I love the idea of one-minute songs! After hearing your latest, I had to go back and check out more. So I figured I'd listen to your first one for some context.
Good stuff here - big, bold sound and punk/pop urgency, and fun, too!