Guide You Down

Guide You Down

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Liner Notes: 

I haven't written many songs over the past year or so. But with this one, I seem to be picking it up exactly where I left off way back then. It would fit comfortably on the album I wrote for 50/90 back in 2014. But I've got some new gear on this. I'm playing a Gretsch and Danelectro on this track.



I've been building new worlds
Places you've never seen
Just a whisper away
In the corner of a dream

And I'll show you the way
I will guide you down
It's just a heartbeat away
From this tired old town


I'll guide you down
This silver path of dreams
We'll live the life
Where nothing's as it seems


Cos there's no purpose served
By accepting the lie
That life is just pain
Until you mercifully die

I will show you the way
I will guide you down
I will set you on your throne
You will wear a golden crown

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Excellent song. The beat and drive hold it all together nicely. Neat little riffs. The vocals are cool on the edge of Curtisness!!

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The music on this is awesome. Great opening, and the whole thing has a cool vibe and nice groove. Really enjoyed listening to this.

Arkka's picture

Cool vibe, there's something about that descending vocal melody in the chorus that makes it sound extra heartfelt. The arrangement and the technical production sound killer.

metalfoot's picture

Catchy melody, especially in the chorus. You can tell, as well, from the style to the demo that this isn't your first round with writing and performing! Very enjoyable track.

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That is a really cool guitar riff and an infectious melody that has such a great groove. Really fine music and delivery. I like the strength and confidence in the lyric too. Well done!

Stephen Wordsmith's picture

They say it's harder to write a happy song than a sad one, and this one pulls it off with joy to spare. There's some awesome world-building going on, on both a tiny and massive scale. Beautiful escapism.