Daily Rituals

Daily Rituals

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Liner Notes: 

Last thoughts for the last ones of lyrics only, end of 5090; the last seven 41-47 were quick, in seconds writes since didn't want to have a song sitting here. Hahhh, now I have seven lyrics only drafts... oh well Crazy

(Used a last one place holder, today 04Oct'18, 12:02AM)


What were once rare vices, are now daily rituals
Cruel and unusual, is now paid for jewels
America the beautiful, only sometime, some days
And who’s American beauty, hard to tell in the daze

In this now our last days
Let freedom ring and warnings blow
Let the wind be at your back
And easy paths to pack

Let the vices of rituals, be for the old
Let unknown trails be the new embold
The grave that waits here, holds only some
It will hold you, there can be only one

It’s cold will keep you, if know no warm moan
For those who have mercy, mercy will be shown
So wear now your welcome, for then to come
For if loved well here now, may know love of the One

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I like the rhyme schemes and the use of anadiplosis here.