Sober as a Judge

Sober as a Judge

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Liner Notes: 

I thought I was done. But got home tonight with just ONE MORE IDEA. Reading about current politics, this seemed like a natural title for a song. I was sober as a judge when I recorded this, but for the right effect I probably should have been wasted, slurring, and slobbering in the mic. Maybe next time.

If there's any doubt, I think Kavanaugh is a lying piece of crap. Everything the protagonist says here is a bald-faced lie.

This is #31 for me, the most I've ever done in 50/90.


I'm judicial, not prejudicial
not an embarrassment
got the best temperament
whatever happened that night
I don't remember
my brain
is just a blender
all the girls want me
even if they don't
I don't remember
I was really stoned

I'm sober as a judge
sober as a judge
my brain is turned to sludge
sober as a judge

it was just a girl
I don't remember
she was nobody
not even a contender
I never drink anything
wouldn't entertain
anything stronger than
pure distilled grain

George Soros and all Clintons
want to see me in prison
that ain't gonna happen
I'm mister chill
I never touched a girl
against her will

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Congrats on 31! Glad you did this - love the awesome guitars and driving beat - perfect combination of energy and angst to deliver the pointed timely lyrics!

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Song I wish I'd written. Perfect.

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That hit the spot! Thank you!

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add me to the list of 'damn, wish I had written this'! what a perfect summation of the whole Kav. mess- brilliant, the idea, the execution, the recording, everything!

great work!

(would love to download this- can you check the 'download' option?

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It's now downloadable if anybody else wants it!

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Really good song. The chorus is great - perfect ironic reuse of the old saying - and it's incredibly catchy. The feedback works really well and seems entirely fitting.

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Wake up America, and listen to this song!

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Congrats on beating your personal 50/90 record!
Great punk rock attitude and lyrics here.
Nice wailing guitar, too.
You know, as a Canadian, I just look to the south and shake my head.
Nice work!!

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More truth here than a Senate testimony.