These Words

These Words

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Liner Notes: 

This song was waiting for me with everything but the first verse. I've been hanging on to it for so long and neglecting these really pure lyrics. Perhaps I was embarrassed of them, just like in the song. But nothing like a pressure of a deadline to make me say, "what the hell."

And "what the hell" is usually the right decision.



i’m about to tell you
a secret i’ve held for some time
letting down my defenses
because i trust your word and mine
i don’t expect it to be easy to say
so just be patient while i get these words through
oh, ok
i'll say it
i love you

three words seem so small
so small they feel like a lie
and I don't want to lie at all
But there's no other option to try
Maybe I'm over complicating everything again
Trying to say things words could never do
Oh whatever
I love you
I love you

and if i die before i wake
i want you to know
my greatest mistake
is never letting my feelings show

so let me tell you now
while i can
i love you
i love you
i love you

i finally realize how
i don't say that enough
seems so simple now
but simple can be so tough
I guess it takes more strength to be weak
and vulnerable and open to you
oh whatever
i love you
i love you

doesn't matter
i love you
i love you

there i said it
i love you
i love you

i can't say it enough
i love you
i love you

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I especially like the verse that starts with "i finally realize...". Nice job getting this one to done!

This makes me think of the Brene Brown TED talk about vulnerability being the key to happiness. If you haven't seen it: I rewatch it every once in awhile as a reminder.