Endlessly Condemned (I Will Go My Own Way)

Endlessly Condemned (I Will Go My Own Way)

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Liner Notes: 

Roel says: Hey Kate, for the moment I chose to just use your original lyrics, because the other lyrics didn't fit in the song I already made. If you prefer other lyrics in the existing scheme, maybe with a second verse and chorus, please don't hesitate to let me know. We can work it out! Smile


Kate Y

Endlessly Condemned

This house you've taken from me / This house you took from me
You are being stone cold crazy
We provoke each other into an endless battle
To which neither of us won
To which you were condemned with your crazy attitude
Endlessly condemning each other
Endless rows
Endless fights
You to be condemned
You condemning me
This cold earth
With this endless battle in this bitter earth

I go my own way
Walking well away from you
I don't know what else I can say
Though we need to go are on way
Away from each other
This endless battle between love, war and freedom

I am taken it all back
I am taken back my life
Reclaiming my sanity
I am going this alone
I am leaving without you
I am better of without you

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