Good Morning

Good Morning

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Liner Notes: 

i'm so excited this juggernaut of a song is finished! the lyrics anyway. been working on it for years but thanks to 50/90 just pushed it over the finish line.

by the way, this song isn't really about mornings.


you came to SF from the midwest
excited for a new career
someone took a chance on you
now you’re actually here
but you remember where you come from
where everybody says
good morning
good morning
how you doing
good morning

grab a latte every morning
before the morning scrum
your agility is best
when agility is numb
you work the secret inner workings
and decode the master thoughts
you pull and push and there you are
hello world
good morning
good morning
how you doing
good morning

you’re in the cafe
for yet another day
and see someone you think looks too latino
to be his own ceo
you shudder at your dodgy thought
but the least you can do
is be the first to say
good morning
good morning
how you doing
good morning

he pulls and pushes brooms
forks secret inner workings
with ideas of his own
Grew up dirt poorer
And tried to try on your class
He didn't pass

So you say good morning
and decide to listen to him for once
and he doesn’t know what to say
cuz no one talks to him like this
he dropped out of business school in Guadalajara
you didn't know they have business schools in Guadalajara
good morning
good morning
how you doing
good morning

there’s a business mixer tonight
to meet prospective employees
and of the 30 applicants
no experience or degrees
but you’re feeling generous
you'd take a chance on any one of these
to get their start on a new career
cuz someone took a chance on you...

then you remember
the janitor from guadalajara
good morning
good morning
how you doing
good morning

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This is a great story. "you didn't know they have business schools in Guadalajara" really makes the lyric, I think. I know that good morning how are you talk, you expect nothing back, and the janitor expected nothing more than an empty comment, and was surprised. I grew up in the deep south and ended up in Washington DC, but through a series of accidents, not because anyone took a chance on me!

The biases of the narrator are clear, but at least they can entertain having an actual connection with a human being.

Agile and scrum -- yeah, well, my sweetie's a developer so I know where those words come from and where they live.

I do like the things you've put up here this summer, but I'm mostly commenting on this particular one because I feel guilt when I see a song with no comments. But this is good, and worth a read for sure.