When in doubt, love everything

When in doubt, love everything

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Liner Notes: 

One last one for 50/90....


What is there left to say
What kind of journey is this, why and how?
Having spun around the sun so many times
You’d think id have some wisdom now

I guess it boils down to this
Look for the good in all things
Give when you can, take what you need
When in doubt, go ahead and sing
When in doubt, love everything

(c) M. Skliar 2018

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Happy to bust this zong. But it would not have been long.Great finish to 50/90 Mike! The title brought me here, and I hope you develop this lovely even more!

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This is a wonderful ending piece to a great 5090 season you had despite the health scare and interruption. I really love the last two lines in this song!

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Love that clanky guitar! I love this lyric. When in doubt, sing. When in doubt, love everything. Nice closer for 50/90.

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Sweet swing and great sentiment - it feels very you.

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Great finish to 50/90! Sounds like the closing song of a bar or coffeehouse gig, too. Could be a singalong!