One Hand / The Other

One Hand / The Other

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Liner Notes: 

Once again, finishing half-finished songs just in time for the 50/90 deadline. Part of my Little Songs by Little Spiral (LSxLS) series.

This song is about HYPOCRITES!!!!!!!


Take in one hand
This claim you're a real man
And in the other
Claim you're a brother
To all that's living

Take both those hands
And chop them at the wrists
Cuz you would give
Both of your hands
To make a killing

La la la ti da

How can you say
Such humble platitudes
With satisfaction
But with your actions
Say you’re above me

How can you hate what isn't yours to hate
And at the same time
In song and rhyme
Declare you love me

Do you not know
Do you not know
Who I am?

La la la ti da

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Maybe this is a song about evangelical christians? That's about the only thing that comes to mind for me.