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My Guitar

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No, I don't play guitar. I wish I could. Skirmish, well, I had an idea of last skirmish but no one showed an interest so it's just me skirmishing Smile
Open to collaborations if you hear a potential for a song, please kindly let me know. I'll be delighted to add you as my collaborator. Always interesting to hear a new version to my music. Thank you for listening and sharing your thoughts.

Please keep your comments respectful, honest, and constructive. Please focus on the song and not the demo.


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So, that's not you playing the guitar? It's a sample you play via software? Or, it is you, and you're just saying you're "not a guitar player", but you played this? Crazy

That's OK, I say I play the Drums, but I am not a drummer, -- keeps me safe in a room full of drummers Wink I'm not a guitarist, not a bassist, nottaDrummer, don't sing, don't do audio... -- but I fool around with music Crazy hahhh...

Depending on who's around, I get varied reactions when I do that Music 2

-- So, you don't play guitar? Smile , fairly well!

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I like how this piece tells a story that goes lots of ways. The chord change at 1.54 (but others from then on too) are adventurous!