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Technicolor Gramophone Records: Vanishing

Liner Notes: 

Figured this would be a good song to finish 50/90 off with. You may hear a squeaking toy sound - it was my cat, Stanley, adding his bit to the proceedings!

Thanks to everyone for your comments this summer!


I'm vanishing
Into the ether

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Fitting last song - really gorgeous soundscape and vocals that really sound magical and mystical as if you are really swirling out of here vanishing into space.. love the mesmerizing quality!

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haunting and nicely done!

pfoo's picture

That was soothing. It is a cool goodbye song - the vanishing seems ok, and not sad. Nice uke sounds, and piano. I didn't hear the cat! I tried.

Sometimes I use dog toys in my last song of the effort - not this time, though.

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I'm listening this at work on headphones and this sounds really nice. Very fitting for a last song, the vibrations are good, wishful even, there are no regrets even when it's a goodbye.

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This is really nice. Listened in perfect conditions: eyes closed and headphones on. Calming, it's got a 'everything is okay'-feel, which is good to know is out there. Piano is a fitting touch!