Crazy Love

Crazy Love

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Liner Notes: 

Roel says: When I had improvised the music for this song with my guitar only, it reminded me a bit of Gloria from Them. Without relistening to that great song and with a fatal disregard for historical correctness, I decided to give it the sexy sixties sound I heard in my head. I'm not sure whether it worked out fine. I'm very sorry for the many glitches in my voice and my pronunciation (like 'toes' and 'image').


Kate Y

She rises up in the morning - She is ready to face another day with you
Sips her tea before she goes to work - Gazes at her man as she leaves
Her man as mad as the Mad Hatter
He calls after her and gives chase to give a kiss goodbye before she gets on the bus
Although she love him - he drives her mad with his crazy attitude he brings to her

Yet he's crazy about her
She has crazy love for him
People say he's crazy
She has crazy love for him

Tables known to turn - She has him on his toes
The other half of her - almost her mirror image - As they walk together, as they walk together

Yet, she is crazy about him like he is for her - People say he is crazy
She has crazy love for him
Crazy love for him
Crazy love - crazy love!

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It does have some of that Gloria groove, very fun and poppy, does feel like the energetic chaos of young love.