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Liner Notes: 

I didn't intend to make a dance song. Or an ad for skin. But here it is. I used the Botnik predictive text tool mentioned in this thread: I used the "beauty ads" voice.

MS-20 analog synth + effects
Midi drums, trumpet, and trombone.


skin is safe for your body
skin is available by prescription
skin is not hard to find
skin is your best face

it's beautiful
so fresh
you deserve
the best

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Very cool and dark, as always! Love the trumpets and trombones - they really add a mind-bending sense of chaos. I would dance to this!

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Some of the best things we do or happen to us were never intended! This is great! I love the heavy fuzzy buzzy base sections as they contrast with the vocals. Really cool and intruiging words generated. Rather haunting in many respects! Well done!

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Evidently my adblocker has screened out a great source of creative fodder! Creepy and funny, love the perky reading over the metallic-sounding instruments.

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Cool song. I like the dark mechanical feel of the synths.