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Liner Notes: 

a little spooky song I couldn't think of a title for

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OK, spooky like a haunted house carnival ride. That organ sound is killer. I like the B part, the rising chords. Then back to the creepy carnival ride sound track. Reminds me of the Specials at warp speed, a bit. Really fun, glad I dropped by to listen. (And I do like the ratty, dubby drum sounds).

Nice ending. Creepy chord and "Ding!".

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I love that unexpected harmonic shift in the 2nd half of the first phrase. Also love the synth organ and harpsichord sounds. There's a bit of a Switched on Bach vibe to it.

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Yeah, "Spooky" is a great title for this.
So wonderful!
Made me smile.

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Great sounds, killer spooky organ melodies and excellently chosen instrumentation for everything else that joins in! Really enjoyed this, perfect Octobermusic.