I'm part of the sunset now

I'm part of the sunset now

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Liner Notes: 

Ferry: when I read Cindy's moving lyrics I really wanted to set them to music. I hope I did them justice. Here's the link to when she first posted the lyrics: http://fiftyninety.fawmers.org/song/34999


I'm Part of the Sunset Now
© 2018 Cindy Prince

She was floating
Up among the clouds
The sun was sinking in the west

She was soaring
Up and over the grief
With no sign of being distressed

I heard her whisper
"I'm part of the sunset now"
And I knew that she was, somehow

The pinks and oranges
Swirled around her
They seemed to become one

And her peace
Also became my peace
As I watched her go away with the sun

Repeat chorus

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Am I missing the link to the music?

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Now it is and I love it! The photo of the sunset goes perfectly with it too. I love the sort of dream like feeling the music has and your vocals remind me a little of John Lennon. Wonderful!

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Thanks very much, Cindy. Glad your lyrics gave the direction to the song as it is now.

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I like the escapism fantasy of the lyrics very much! Beautiful dream-like mix of guitars, keys and swirling melodies. Vocals are among your best, I think! Piano adds a lovely delicate feel. Nice one to end on!

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Yes. It's quite ethereal. Feels like floating. Wonderful ambient music to go with this engaging lyric.

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Brilliant collaboration - gorgeous and poignant lyric paired so well with the feeling of the music.

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i am really enjoying listening to this! It's majestic and cathartic and dreamy all at the same time. I feel kind of cleansed after hearing it the second time. Wonderful choices in the production. Really nice work!

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This is pretty relaxed and mellow for a Ferry tune. The music fits the sad but optimistic or cathartic feeling of the lyrics. There's a lot of space in the mix, it's like staring at the Eternity itself. Smile Also I like that this is the last song because this is a sweet goodbye song.

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Cindy's lovely story of becoming sits well in Ferry's mix. The keys and guitars compliment your vocals well Ferry. Keeper!

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Fantastic collaboration. Brilliant song and demo. So powerful.