Hop Hop! Frog In The Sink

Hop Hop! Frog In The Sink

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Liner Notes: 

Cindy - Last night when I began doing the dishes, a little tree frog jumped up out of the sink. Smile he was so cute and I thought I'd write a little song about him

Martin - I saw these lyrics and loved them straight away. A cute story told wonderfully, and fitting with the more fun side of my writing Smile

There is a video recording I did for Cindy, but I plan on doing a “proper” recording for it!

EDIT - I never got around to recording a “proper” recording, so here’s the quick rubbish video;



Hop! Hop! Frog in the Sink
© 2018 Cindy Prince

He hopped up from my kitchen sink
And I was quite agog
We both jumped at once
Me and a little green tree frog

He was searching for water
In this dry hot August heat
I was just washing dishes
Funny place for us to meet

Hop! Hop!
Frog in the sink
Made me blink
But he brought me a smile
Hop! Hop!
Frog in the sink
He needed a drink
So he resided there for awhile

I patted his little wet head
Took him to a moist outdoor place
This morning as I think of him
I have a big smile on my face

Repeat chorus twice

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So adorable! I can see that little frog and this makes me smile! Thanks!