Magic Moon

Magic Moon

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Liner Notes: 

It's eight minutes long. If you don't intend to fall asleep, you'd better not listen to it. So not in the car, not during work-time. Let me know if it relaxes you or helps you to fall asleep. It would be nice to know for me. Thanks a lot in advance!



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Eight minutes - an interesting length. According to one relaxation study I'm familiar with, when you lie down it takes your nervous system 7 minutes to recognize that you are relaxing. So I'd be interested to see what would happen if I listened to this lying down, but with the intention of calming down without falling asleep.
Wow, do I like this. I love that slide-y, almost surf guitar lead sound. And I dig the way the organ and guitar fill out the rhythm section.
I'm listening to this on a break from doing financial tasks on the computer. A welcome change of mood. Listened to it all - felt refreshed rather than sleepy.

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This does make me feel relaxed! I can see myself floating on a raft across some smooth water and drifting off to sleep. A great 8 minutes!

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It is very peaceful and relaxing and I will listen tonight when I want to fall asleep! Wonderful new age feel.