What's the best music from 2018 so far?

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Tell me what you have enjoyed from 2018 so far! I'm always interested in new stuff. Maybe we could even have a shared playlist on Spotify with just the best tracks?

I've been listening a lot of new music so finally I have something to say. Biggrin

Here are my 100 favorite tracks so far:

The Longshot
The Chainsmokers
Tonight Alive
Scotty McCreery
Justin Timberlake
Alle Farben
Carpenter Brut
Fickle Friends
Kylie Minogue
Don Diablo

Several outstanding albums for me this year: "Saison 8" by French prog-rock band Lazuli is wonderful; "No one cares about your creative hub so get your ****ing hedge cut" by the one and only Half Man Half Biscuit shows how songwriting can be full of pop-culture references, snarky and laugh-out-loud funny (the song "Every time a bell rings" includes the immortal couplet "Ground control to Monty Don / The testimonial silver's gone..."). And "A Hollow Path" by our very own @sapient is a glorious dose of metal.

Seiko Oomori's next album is out in July, she's a machine and her last three albums have been near masterpieces...otherwise there's been a couple good albums. Not too many I've found.

Palm's Rock Island is insane, a very new sounding rock album. Not boring like indie tends to be nowadays. Really quite a shocking release. Pretty cool.

. . . . . . . . . or Dots released their excellent debut album. A fantastic shoegaze and idol mash up with excellent melodies and mighty guitar/keybaord sounds. A wonderful album that just rocks my socks off. I love it!

BiSH has had 2 singles this year. At the end of 2017 they released an incredible album, The Guerrilla BiSH. I can bet they will have a new album by the year's end. This group is just excellent a powerful alt-idol unit with a raw sound. But this set sounds more softer and slower, which they pull off great. Their last two albums had some very aggressive tracks, BiSH is awesome.

Kero Kero Bonito are revving up for something new. "Time Today" has a different sound than before and I quite like it. Their EP from this year was meh however.

BAND-MAID'S World Domination is an awesome album, they prove themselves as very capable songwriters, with a great rocking sound and some nice slower songs to balance it out. Awesome album. The best song "Anemone" is on Spotify but not YouTube so this one will do. Love that chorus! They have a cool visual gimmick, but they just make awesome music and there is nothing more to it.

Scandal's latest Honey was a fairly decent album. Some nice songs like "Mado O Aketara" which may end up being my favorite song of the year, atleast so far it is. I love how airy it is and the chorus is just wonderful chunky guitars. Great R&B Rock sound. The rest of the album is good to.

That's it for the time being, nothing else has interested me this year so far.

This band called Turbowolf that I only discovered this year put out an amazing album. https://youtu.be/pFAjEpBXJm4

Also if you are into heavier stuff Tesseract put out a great album this year too. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NyBUs1irpgw

I've been into Kurt Elling's latest album, "The Questions". It's filed under "jazz", but I'd recommend it to those who appreciate singer-songwriters. There's great writing here as well as some deeply thoughtful interpretations of songs by Bob Dylan, Paul Simon and Peter Gabriel.

@Kraftec They're really good. Saw them and Leprous supporting the Devin Townsend Project last year in Bristol. Blinding gig!