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Hi everyone- well, I don't know if anyone is left reading this forum from this past 50/90- (or Rocktober, which was quite a busy musical month for many here, which was great to see!)

I thought i'd post to say that I've been doing a fair bit of re-writing, re-recording, new writing, etc., all in preparation for the release (on bandcamp, most probably) of a new Mike Skliar album, tentatively titled "Sliding Back" (which is also the title of a brand-new song). Busy this next few days with Thanksgiving-related stuff, but likely will be released next week (late November/early December)--- and some folks here are also participating in this 'November solo album month' thing, so perhaps some of you are relaseing stuff as well?

i'll post a link here when its up, my general 'bandcamp' link is accessable thru my profile here, tho, i think?

put your new album links up here too!

anyway, best, and best holiday-ish wishes for all, where applicable!

Mike S

It's a song I wrote during FAWM, but it got recorded in the studio in May. It's part of my planned album "The Pop Album" where the goal is to have different singers on the album's songs. Personally, I feel as though this is one of the few songs where I actually achieved what I was going for; the rest are just in demo forms and I haven't yet found vocalists for them.
Should the album ever get finished, it should be sometime in early 2019.

Nice track, Edward! very McCartney-esque!

and, just released my album 'Sliding back'


Thank you for your nice idea Mike. I've created more pieces and included some of the pieces I composed during 50/90 with some re-arrangements in my Album https://nadiacripps.bandcamp.com/album/autumn-memories
I will take a listen to the music posted here whenever I possibly can. It's a busy time of the year but I'm looking forward to hearing more music.

nice work, nadia!!!

Enjoyed listening to yours, Mike. Nice variety in your album. Such a pleasure to listen to your songs!

Edward, your song is gorgeous. It made me feel happy and smiley. Thank you for the sunshine feeling and a beautiful pop song. Very cool vocals and instrumentation and fantastic solos. Looking forward to listening to your album.

well done guys ! ive listened to a bit of y"all! nice stuff. My album due out in the next few days

Thank you John. Looking forward to hearing your songs.

Mr. @coolparadiso just released his album! It is wickedly AWESOME, but then again i'm partial to it, hehe. Pick up your copy now Biggrin https://johnnicholson.bandcamp.com

I released three albums of 50/90 music on Christmas day -- including "Putting the Crap in Crapcapella".

I'm considering releasing another album or two before the new year.

All located at: https://mrbeany.bandcamp.com/

This month I'm releasing, through Distrokid, an album of chill out downtempo instrumentals (Music for People by Armadillos After Dark) and two singles, Too Hard to Say No and Me and My Chapter, by The Maggie Road Revival ( both groups are me finally put that multiple personality disorder to good use!) Links will be in my profile once they go live for purchase. Thank you.

Making a quick pre-50/90 EP Blurry Knuckles, here's the most recent track.

I like the post-punk energy, Kantilla