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Smile yes, this happened earlier in 5090 where someone read my thread, -- ducking musicians that used to duck you... but thought it was an auto correct for "F"... no, it was ducking Crazy -- I get their jolt when read it Smile And, kinda the same meaning too, ironically Wink

I was just to lazy to count how many songs for Rocktober so far. I saw Rocktober "posts"... and thought, I didn't comment that much, then realized it was for this Forum... see, Ai is broken from all the Captcha -bots.

It's not broken. There have never been any "stats" on Rocktober songs. To be fair, this year is quite possibly the most active year and the first time that I've seen the request come up. Knowing how busy the awesome Eric is, I wouldn't even be inclined to ask for them, to be honest. But I do love this year's interface. I think it's contributed to the activity as every single user that logs in can see the options on the left side as opposed to going to a separate site. I hope this continues in the future.

Yes, I'm blown away by the Rocktober response. It's been on life support for a while, so I am really happy to see the awesome participation this year.

Eric is superb, we do not deserve him

Hey @tcelliott -- I wasn't asking or being critical; I was joking, or going along with the initiated joking with me directly, with the one above. Many here may understand that I love joking around, -- builds community, imo and experience. I was glad to see it, and now since all is "over", -- great spirit! Aye!?

So, to explain the "joke" or in part for the very literal here? ....
-- The "Ai", is me, (not a bot/cylon), also part of prior joking about Bots separate from the stats/strats, or even, duck/"..uck" from the other forums thread during 5090. However, or rather, nonetheless, -- thinking there's no stupid questions here?, and I don't know everything (hard to believe, but true Wink ) -- I'd ask (about stats, not Strats, -- gudOne!) since may have missed it and was actually, not really wondering, but yeah, wondering, -- not to offend or provoke or imply insult to anyone or diminish in any way. So the question remains unasked Crazy even now, since not previously as you comment, -- not asking for stats, but, -- did I miss them if existed somewhere/how.

-- So, I guess I can infer I did not.

OK, gud2go, -- thank you! Clapping Smile

Hey [@billwhile51]

I can't get past the bots, -- not possible presently, so for now, remains a zong, -- will try later Crazy and here's my comment:

Hey Bill, that's a trippy song, and wow ~9mins... It seems most/many songs from the circa 70's was 5 - 10 min's, FM and Album's being new? ... Anyway, not sure of the year, I remember him from High School years, so circa 80's I remember when he hit the "air waves", -- folks were like, who's that, different sound, and etc. And, he's still around!! Smile

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Hi everyone, don't know when I can check the site in the next week. All I can say is: Rocktober rocks! and 5090 as well! I listened to much more songs than I commented on and found it very inspiring.

@ustaknow I'll be honest, your communication style throws me for a loop. It can be frustration, sometimes. But I didn't intend to be insulting or dismissive. I just wanted to clarify. I'm sorry if I came across that way.

I am blown away and delighted at the participation in Rocktober this year! HUGE THANKS to @Fuzzy and to everyone who participated and especially to @Eric Distad who figured out a way to get this thing working for 2018 and for all the support always!!!

This is the first time I've taken part in Rocktober. Even though I've only had time to do 2 songs it has been much fun and inspired me to creat more original concept cover songs.

Being my first time I'm not sure how past years have been set up but I like it being integrated into the 50/90 site. The only thing I would like to see added is having Rocktober songs show up on your profile to easily see when someone has commented on them.

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Hi @Krayzie003 when you click on "MyActivity" you will see all updated items, be it forum threads, songs you commented on or your own songs.

Thought, next Rocktober, we should cover Rocky Horror instead of a Beatles album.

Or both.


The Adnama is right!!! Rocky Beatles Horror Album!!!!

Thank you, everybody, for a fantastic Rocktober!!!

volume one of rocktober 2018, these are songs by epople who have passed on into the beyond. free dwnloads on bandcamp

It was great! Got allot out of it!

Here's mine consolidated:

-- All Rocktober but the first track, which is a collaboration from 5090 since this was just a temp upload space, then stuck the rest there. So, otherwise, since covers, can't sell'em! Not mine/lic'd to sell! So, derUgo Smile

Also, don't count on my seeing anything posted, after yesterday and otherwise specifically from Roctober Songs, so, -- if "important" (is that even possible? Smile ? ) ... msg me direct.