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Well, which are you? Planning is, well, planning. If you have a plan would you mind sharing? Pantsing is a phrase borrowed from National Novel Writing Month meaning fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants. No plan. Wake up July 4 and then it starts to happen, or not. Maybe you have a hybrid approach with a little planning and the rest pantsing. Why? Usually my past was often a hybrid approach, with maybe a title list (that I used maybe one of ten) and doing chores in advance, etc., or a general theme to focus my direction. This year looks a pantsing 5090 for me since aside from a few song-a-week exercises, I haven't thought much at all about 5090 or done anything resembling planning.

Plantsing. That's how I roll. I do want to do some more of my ridiculous 'sing the periodic table' series but I also just want to have fun with prompts, games, etc and also do some rewrites and re-records of stuff I've already written or cowritten. So (famous last words) I'm not going for the big numbers this summer. I'll still probably end up 90/50ing it as is my wont.

Toying with ideas, strategies and goals. I usually have good ones. Then I almost always go pantsing. I don't see why the tradition shouldn't continue this year.

Has anyone seen my pants?

@metalfoot yes to plantsing the periodic table. @tcelliott sounds familiar LOL. @Adnama17 I have not.

Combination, maybe? I'm not worrying too much about it this year. I want to focus on making high quality recordings of stuff I've already written, so I don't know how much writing I'll do. When I do write, I want to write things that I can use. As a renaissance faire performer I want to write more folk songs that I can perform (both my usual funny stuff and more serious). As someone who is trying to break into a more general audience, I want to write stuff with more universal appeal... stuff I can do at coffee shops and farmer's markets. As a teacher I want to write stuff I can use in the classroom... for games and to highlight musical concepts.

Completely pantsing. Most of my energy is going to my own production projects so I won't be able to participate as prolifically as I have in the past. I hope to participate in some of the skirmishes. Looking forward to 5090

Definitely Plantsing, but some planning involved:

Part one Take mail and work papers off my piano
Part two - dust said piano
Part three - take my guitar and uke out of the closet
Part four - delete as many files from this past FAWM from Soundcloud to make way for 5090 songs

Plantsing for sure. No doubt a few new lyrics will emerge, but lately I've been doing a lot of revising, and I'm focusing on getting intended collaborations underway and completing them.

Mostly pantsing as I always do. I did update my profile pic though. Does that mean I'm technically plantsing? Smile

My plan is just to crank out as many tracks as I can for the library I just started working with. I may not get much done around the end of July as I'm going to be moving but I might actually get close to 50 this year.

Pantsing. Just going to relax into the flow and see (hear) what comes out of the speakers. Smile

No plans at all this year, acquired some new gear I should learn to use though. So will probably be leaning more towards synths and electronics based tunes then guitar songs. Will not be able to start until the end of July due to vacationing.

Always pants. I have a project that will consume my life through July, so I'm projecting a slow start.

Interesting tales of plants and pants. Keep 'em coming!