The (Official) Century Club Thread

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Here lies the (semi) official list of century club members.
The rules: You have to give at least 100 comments on songs (of any type) in the current 50 Songs in 90 Days songwriting challenge. If you voluntarily give us your comment total (or at least which milestone you have achieved going by 100's) then I will update this here thread.

This replaces the old thread which I've edited to acknowledge.

Millennium (1000+)

Nona Century (900+)

Octa Centry (800+)

Septa Century (700+)

Hexa Century (600+)

Quint Century (500+)

Quad Century (400+)
@Frances Smith

Triple Century (300+)

Double Century (200+)
@Barry Goldman
@mike skliar
@Chip Withrow
@French Cricket
@Stephen Wordsmith

Century Mark (100+)
@fresh spotless youth

226 and counting...



You guys are commenting machines, well done! I must admit this thread motivated me to listen to a dozen songs just now to hit 100 Smile

I'm caught up as of this morning. If anyone puts in an update and I don't get to it within a day or so you can feel free to tag me so I can see it.

> 300 (between me kahlo2013 and my altar 5090 ego Lake) and slowing down for a few weeks as some major work projects to focus on more - but wil be back!

Ok, I'm over a hundred...

One goal for the weekend was to join the Century Club. I'm in.

1026 song comments and counting

I'm sorry @Acousticmaddie, but how many comments did you say you have given?

1027 now

I have sent an email (from My gmail if it hapoends to end up in spam) with the screenshot @tcelliott

Well, this turned into a Mohs scale quite quickly. Shine on, @Acousticmaddie, you crazy diamond.

No doubt, S.

And I've caught up the updating. If I've missed anyone then let me know.

@tcelliott, I just reached 300. And thanks for taking on the Maintenance of the Grand List.

It blows my mind that Maddie has commented on over half the songs on the site. A top, top effort

Add me into the over 100 group please!

Done and done.

Well over 400 at this point.

Great job, Liz. I updated the tally.

Just hit 100, sorry I'm late!

Welcome to the club. I've updated the list. Smile

Working full time (and spending an additional four hours a day on the commute) is kicking my ass, but I'm going to do as much commenting as I can. I just left my 104th comment, so I'm finally ready to get on the board.

Moving on up (moving on up) to the east side... (or at least the 200 level)

just hit 200

I made it to 100 today.

Yeah Fuzzy! Awesome Andy! And all on the list.
I'm well over 500 now with the weekend skirmish!

@AndyGetch, @Fuzzy, and @kahlo2013... I've updated your progress. Great job commenting.

I hit 120 and some change yesterday. Smile

Congratz on joining the club, @Adnama17

Hey, @cindyrella, you should be signing in here! I'm sure you must be in the club by now!


I just listened to some fantastic ukulele songs and am inspired. Smile

over 100. alot more to do!

Welcome to the club, @iHelen and @mike skliar

I finally made it to the club. My only "imperative" today was to break thru to 100 comments and maybe in the process get to the halfway point on my songs... and now I rest. LOL

Congrats. I've added you to the list, @oneslowtyper

Thanks @tcelliott

Hit double century without realising. 230!

Congratz!!! I updated the tally.

Pushing 650 now!


And thanks to Liz and her stellar comment making campaign, I've added more tiers for future reference.

I'm into the triple century club now Smile

Congratz and I've updated.


Congratz Nute. I've updated the list.

I am delighted to report that I (finally!) hit 400.

Congratz, Odilon. And thanks for the comments on my songs. You've been updated.

I made it to 400 tonight myself.