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Hey Boston area people. If you are participating here and are interested in having a meetup to share songs when this is all over, let me know. I'll be planning a songwriter party in October! Let's build up each other in this community, announce our shows/open mics/etc.

You are the social glue. Keep me posted.

That sounds great


Definitely keep me posted about getting together in October! Glad I bumped into you guys at the last one Smile

Is Columbus Day/Indigenous People’s weekend open, or will you be traveling then?

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That works for me

I prefer not a Sunday but yes would love to meet up. I don’t know what holidays I get yet - starting a new job.

Wanted to say "hi" folks, you know how lonely it gets in the New Hampshire thread!!


Saturday, October 6th. Put the date on your calendar and I’ll start looking for a location. Sound good?

Oops...the 6th-7th and the following weekend (October 13-14) won’t work at all for me now. I had something crop up on my calendar. What dates work for y’all?

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Hello? Anyone here anymore? Does anyone want to get together? I think I am going to try planning something via Facebook. If you are not my Facebook friend yet....give me some dates to work with. I would like to celebrate Fall and the end of 50/90 with a writer’s circle.

Speaking of which, Jack Byrne and I created this lovely song about our meeting at the FAWM-over party in March 2018. Give it a listen, please. @tamsnumber4@Jyllian@Dorylini@MarkG@JackByrne

Sundays work best for me, Saturdays usually not. Keep me posted please

Sundays work for me