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Hello everyone, I've just checked and we still have some hours before it will be not possible to add any new song. Would anyone be interested in the last skirmish/es? I could offer 9 pm British time. Please let me know. I'll think of a theme if there is an interest.

I never saw this in time! Sorry!

I guess that'd been 4pm NYC time... ?... all these time zones, just break my skirmishstik Crazy

-- 4pm M-F could be tough time for some US-folks

Here's an idea, probably a bad one, but I've got more bad ones than good -- so, just so much easier for me Crazy -- announce a skirmish, then a post by time next day -- hold off on comment-feedback 'till then, (since I see folks saying that can be a challenge, commenting timing? -- I would not know since can't do these games, in part due to timing, and etc.)

Also, it could open the comment-feedback up to "regular" commenting since folks won't know and comment anyway ahead of the rest who participated.

Ah, breathlessly said ... Smile Clapping

Thank you very much for replying, I ended up doing the skirmish myself in the end. It felt sad that no one was interested but on the positive side I had one more instrumental. My idea of a skirmish came to me at a last day of 50/90 so I couldn't post it the following day but thank you ustaknow for the thought.