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If you haven't come across it then it might be worth having a look at the free online mastering service from Bandlab.
You don't need to have an account with them and there is no limit to the number of songs you can do. It's obviously not the same as a professional mastering service but it is a pretty good quality and it is free. I've done about 10 demos and some sound much better than the original. The only problem I have had was when the uploading stuck at 50% a couple of times. Apart from that, I've been really pleased with the results.

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I don't use it often, usually just if only on my phone, but I've been pretty impressed with that whole site in general, other than the lack of organization they have with your own tracks, I don't use FB or Instagram, so that whole "feed" concept just seems a complete mess to me. I really like their sharing same DAW stems feature, etc. I haven't used it since you could actually download a physical(well at least 0's and 1's) copy of cakewalk to your HD though, that was my only other gripe it saving everything over the internet, and with my slow connection was getting a ton of clipping.

I must revisit this site. Thank you Roddy.

Uploaded an mp3 and played with the three options. I think I'm gonna have to re-render a song without my own homemade "mastering" and compare the two. And I'm wondering what at what levels they put out their mastered songs. I try to hit -14 LUFS with around -1.0 headroom. I'll try to remember to do this when I have a bit of time and report back if anyone is interested.

I tried the site a while back, not to long ago, but not immediate past.

It has very good and very bad, hahhh, imnho. Yes some of those features work well. Additionally, to collaborate and kind of brainstorm in closetime if not real time. Some of the "features" are over baked in that if you already have a "good" track, don't bring it there, or how I hear it. A cellphone type or low fi bounce track, - yes. However, my ethos is, -- learn how to do it yourself. To me it sounds like (simply put? and not an expert in any way, just my experience directly fairly recently), -- a good compression, normalization volume boost and likely with some "spacial widening", but all most should eventually at least know how/why it's done, or to do.

I heard it take some tracks there, without notice!, were kinda set and * "automatically" ?? (configure your profile indeed once you figure that out Smile ) anyway, and, -- did it's thing and was like "what the fantastic" just happened. That speaks to it's Organization of stuff and configuration. With the folks (and some from here/other places) where we tried to collaborate... well, more than one-track deep, or feature deep (so to speak), we (3 or so) didn't know where the other was on the sight what feature and what was going on.

There's allot of features.

Other than data mining I am not sure, leary of how they make money for some of what's offered.

After about a month there... my feeling was, I or someone puts this much effort into "learning" "this"..., they could just learn, "how to do it" on their own and collaborate via other.

With that said, I still have an account and view others postings there. But, how many sights, SoundCloud, BandCamp, etc. can one have. And in this place it's not one dimentional... don't loose track of your stuff.

There may be some "magic bullet" things there and the mastering of (1) track? I guess depends on how one thinks about that function.

So, anyway, -- I landed there with another and we "discovered" the getting lost there and "WTF"s together... maybe it'll be the next goto in indie music, but like the rest, -- I won't be there unless it gets more organised and yes, less of a hog on resources. Not everyone has a hardwire Cable connection.

So, until then, -- Audacity and manual everything Smile hahhh. Oh well. So, again, -- just an "fyi" to have a BETTER experience than I did. Had I had some warning, -- I may feel differenlty now! But, last time I was there, (a week ago or so...), same behemoth that confounded me the first time. Learning curves... what yah gonna do.

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yeah the whole no ads thing is still very suspicious indeed Biggrin and they can't wait for you to link it to your FB/Insta/or any other social media, and now free download of cakewalk which does help a ton with it being a resource hog, (granted its old and not really selling anymore anyway, but still)