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Is hosting demos on Dropbox still possible? And if so how? I seem to be able to link them here but they wont play.

There was a cheat for the public folder but I think there is no public folder with new accounts. If I remember correctly you just deleted the tail end of the file name. But it doesn't look to be working right now. Perhaps someone more knowledgeable has more info?

@Kraftec This may be old information but it worked on Fawm. Instead of


make it like


And I don't know if it works with wavs but it did work with mp3s, uh, in 2016...I haven't yet posted any songs but when I do I can give more instructions. Or not, if it doesn't work for me either.

i just got it working on my first song, so its still ok. Here's what I did:

Right-click demo> share>create a link>copy link.
Paste link here & replace "dropbox.com" with "dl.dropboxusercontent.com" and remove the "?dl=0" parameter.

Just tested this technique again and it is working.

Edit: I deleted the rest of my original comments as they were pointless.