Bard Cards (108-card Songwriting Deck)

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Hey, so if there are people who don't know or remember...

I made Bard Cards a few years back!

They're like D&D and Magic: The Gathering inspired prompt cards that will make your songwriting a lot more fun and a lot more... interesting.
The deck has 108 unique cards, so that's 108 different prompts... altho each card sort of has multiple, different types of prompts... but I'm rambling.

I'm no big company, just one guy who made something and if you have a moment, take a look. Biggrin

PS. They're also a great gift for songwriter friends who might not use the Internet that much! :0

I'm gonna just jump in here and HIGHLY recommend these Bard Cards! They are beautifully drawn with really clever songwriting tips on every card! For example, I just pulled a random card from my deck and it has a cute drawing of a pig wallowing and a title of "Pig's Life" with a theme of "Dirt". The suggestion is "Muddy up the picture". And along the edge of the card are suggested chords "I, IV7, I VII". I'm already thinking of a song for just that single card!

There are tons of ideas in this deck of 108 cards! Things like suggested BPM, time sig recommendations, "add a bridge", "switch to march feel", "add a prechorus" and just loads of other great ideas.

Don't even hesitate! Go here, , and buy yourself a set of these cards and then let's use these for a Bard Card challenge during this 50/90!

FYI, I am not affiliated with Bard Cards in any way nor do I get anything for promoting them. I'm just a Very Satisfied Customer!!

I think they're great (using a pre-publication set when I'm really stuck. USPS is hugely expensive to get here))

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I've written many of my songs this year with the help of these little cards. Such as these...



They definitely help if I'm feeling stuck!

Here to say I LOVE my Bard Cards and use them all the time. I like to pull a few when I am feeling stuck and see where they lead me. Highly recommended, 6/5 stars.

Hey, I hope these are doing well for you!

I have a huge deck of generic theory flash cards I got for someone, not used Smile hahhh but fun to flip through.

None of this stuff was around when I was a "kid"... heck, we didn't even have music... had to invent that first, too Wink hahhh!

(I think the benydryl I took for some ground bee stings last night, -- stepped on a nest yesterday trimming hedges... has got me "going" this morning with the coffee Wink hahhh! Nice combo, benny's and caffein! well, so to speak. Actually ground bees are not that aggressive... but, were kinda pissed off for a good while... so, that's my excuse!)

Anyway... happy Fall and 2021!

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You know, if you order now, you'll probably get your deck at the beginning of 50/90!