The 2019 Spam Account Thread/Challenge?

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Gonna start listing the accounts I block for spammy spam spamming.

catbronze - email ends in this bit here:

scriptsticker - email ends in this bit here:

vaguesimplistic has been blocked.

zewako with an email ending in has been blocked and so has all these other accounts:

@Eric Distad can we block anything with .site or at least ?


fountainscribe with an email ending in

compassoafish has been blocked... email ends with:


Both blocked.

keep up the good work, TC-- and its , what, about six weeks or so to 50/90?

worshipopenair - which actually sounds like a great meditation technique, has been blocked. email ended in this:

oooh some bandname or at least title possibilities already.

"Skilledchickenpox"??? That got a guffaw from me. Biggrin

These spammer names are very inspiring! Handy to have so many random prompts gathered in one place... 6 weeks today!