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Already thinking.

I'm trying to save my music making until this starts...

Listened to a couple of songs from last year and they weren't that bad. Not sure what this year has in store, but it's fun to be around.

See you all in less than a month! Time flew...

I definitely know what I'll be doing this year. Stay tuned.

hi everyone! hope everyone had a great year , or whatever its been since we've 'seen' each other here or at fawm, etc.

Believe it or not, I may not write very much this summer (2018) at 50/90. I'm just not 'feelin' it'--- and while of course that may change, I have a feeling that if I do anything at all it won't be more then a few songs. Feeling a little burned out to songwriting in general, and sensing that with every passing year there's less and less outside interest in the songwriting/recording that I do. As for the topical/political stuff (which is only part of what I've done, but one of the things people know of, to the extent they know anything at all about my stuff)... it's so disheartening and sad lately, keeping up with the daily horrible-ness of current events here in the US. Of course, I stay engaged personally enough to be reasonably informed, and of course will vote come November, but I try not to get caught up in 'the daily' outrage, as it just too exhausting.

Also, been neglecting the whole 'playing live in real time with other folks' thing for too long, and would like to do more of that, if the right opportunity presented itself.
Anyway, that's all for now, I'll certainly check out the site, possible contribute a few songs -or maybe more then a few, but nowhere near what i've done before, I think. At least that's the thought for now....

anyone else kind of 'burned out' after doing it for so long ? (Ive done fawm since 2006 and 50/90 since i think 2008)

I just find the fact that it's 2018 incomprehensible, let alone how unstable the world seems to be right now, Mike. So I plan to bury myself in 5090 this year. Smile

I've been taking part in various Songfight challenges since the end of February so I haven't experienced the usual post-FAWM dry spell for once and am looking forward to keeping the momentum going into 50/90!

If everything works out I may well be seeing my friends in Kansas for most of the first week (which means I might see Yanks on the 4th...oh my), so I won't get to come out all guns blazing like last year. But certainly I hope to have even a bit of that inspiration, last year was just fun as hell. It always makes me think man, how can I keep making new songs? But that's not something you should think...all you can do is do! Ei.

Hey, TC, I hope Bridget comes back!

I'm excited for the 50/90 season ahead. I have no idea what I'm doing or how I'm going to find the time to do it but whatever.

I'm in again. I don't know how much, or which quality, I'm going to be able to produce. My songwriting mojo is somewhat buried, but I'm longing to dig it out again, no matter how deep I have to dig Smile

Hope I'll find some time and inspiration. But moving my studio so will be very busy with setting that up. So probably not able to do anything until late August...

Having missed most of FAWM, I'm in tghis time but (inevitably?) I'm away from late June to mid-July. Sigh.

Well, Tim, it's a long season, so we'll be happy to see you mid July. I'll be likely writing less this year, but trying to spiff up my recording/mixing techniques. Hopefully, less songs but higher quality.

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This reminds me to backup old FAWM and 5090 files and make space for new recordings. Cleaning the desk should also help.
Let's see what's possible this year.

@tcelliott - Last night I listened to a few of mine, and I also discovered some I really liked. I've been posting bits of my songs on Instagram as short videos, and I found three that I want to do that with.
@mike skliar - I hope you're feeling it by the time 50/90 rolls around. I know I'll be giving a listen to whatever you do. I'm with you on the "why bother?" feeling, though. I'm paying more attention to performing my originals, and I'm putting up the videos mentioned above, and that's given me some enthusiasm.
I have lots of ideas for 50/90, including some I've not tried before, and I'm looking forward to it. This will be my 10th 50/90 - I've hit 50 every year but the first one. And once I get going, I know I'll be aiming for 50 again.

@chipwithrow -- thanks! (and hmmm, how do you get the names to show up as links again? ha, I've forgotten!)

@mike skliar [ @name ] yours would be [ @mike skliar] (obviously without the spaces)

Also, you can preview your post and if you've done it correctly it will show up blue.

aha! thanks @tcelliott (and thanks also @Chip Withrow )

Well, I've gone from planning craziness to just doing it for fun. (I'm refocusing my time on my writing, which is my passion.)

I'm hoping to do more listening with my kids this year than just constant creation.

I'm still planning to engage in some skirmishes, and fully expect to "accidentally" hit 50 songs.

I'm warming up by doing the 5 songs in 5 days challenge this week. I've been writing and recording pretty regularly so maybe I'll come close this year.

I've written a few lyrics and collaborated with a couple of composers over the past few months since FAWM, but likely won't be doing much this 50-90. Maybe a couple of skirmishes plus my usual threads, along with setting an occasional challenge or writing a quick lyric if the mood takes me. Or post a couple of songs consisting of my FAWM lyrics plus music. In terms of creativity, I'm spending a lot more time with my art pursuits.
@mike skliar, I totally get the 'burned out' thing. Wink

Last week I bought a 3 string fretless cigar box guitar! I reckon the best way to learn how to play it is to write some music for it. I'm watching You Tube clips of gigar box players to show what can be done on one. This is my favourite - a three string shovel guitar played my a really skilful musician - Justin Johnston https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V9-ltPsbw9g

It's a shovel, and it's amazing. Thanks for sharing that link @Roddy. So cool.

I watched the video linked by @Roddy - pretty awesome. Also, I watched "While My Guitar Gently Weeps" - same artist, different instrument.
I have a 4-string guitar that has a cookie tin for a body - it's in my profile pic here. I play it with a slide. A few days ago, I posted on Instagram a video of me playing it, doing an old 50/90 song.
I'm sure I'll do a few on the slide guitar this 50/90. The last few days I've been practicing two songs from last year's 50/90 on my ukulele. Also, I worked up a nice cover of "Friend of the Devil" by the Grateful Dead.

I really dig that video. Biggrin

@TomS, with that last name I would expect you to dig most everything!

At the risk of blowing my own trumpet... here's a video of Justin Johnson playing through an amplifier I designed and built...

Nice! I have one of Blind Kiwi's cigar box guitars. Now I just need one of @Dragondreams amps! Biggrin (And I still won't sound as good as Justin, but a girl can dream.)

Thanks for sharing the video of Justin Johnson @Dragondreams Your amp gives a really sweet jazzy tone.

I'm looking forward to 50/90 this year. I do most of my writing in the summer because of my schedule anyway. I've been doing a little more performing lately and some of my originals go over pretty well. I'm hoping to add one more Shakespeare rap... Lear... something about that play seems VERY apropos in the current climate. I have a bunch of other projects and things I want to try out, so I've got plenty of inspiration. Don't know if I'll make it to 50. I did 50 once, but at this point I'd rather get 20 songs and a bunch I can use than 50 and a bunch that I can't. I love both videos. I'm going to the Clearwater folk festival (Rhiannon Giddens is doing a workshop, people!), and there is a guy there that sells cigar box guitars and ukes and mandolins, and some made out of toilet seats. It may be harder to resist them after that video.

@barbara, I cannot deny the truth of your observation. Biggrin

@Dragondreams, that kills. Is the amp the 2-tube unit on the table? Also, is that a Silvertone 1485 in the video? I have the Danelectro "Frankenstein" version of that amp (Danelectro DS100).

@katpiercemusic Looking forward to what you come up with again this year! Smile

@katpiercemusic - a good friend of mine was at Clearwater today and saw Rhiannon Giddens' workshop, and her set at the main stage as well- thought both were amazing. I saw Rhiannon Giddens do a workshop at the Irish Arts center back in about February- was fantastic (and saw her at Prospect Park about two years ago with her band as well)

and re that cigarbox guitar, the 'shovel guitar' (and the amp in the video) --- sounds great!!! would love to mess round with that stuff!

I'm always shocked when I listen to songs I did last year - "I wrote that? I don't remember!"

@corinne54 There've been a couple of those in my listenthru!

I'm going at a slower pace for 2018. I shared some of my non-improvised songs with a filk circle over the past weekend and they went over well.

So now my goal is to make songs I can share at future filk circles. More melodies that repeat in predictable manners that I have some hope of remembering, etc.

Still thinking. I still will not get to 50. Collaboration is a slow train usually.

I'd like to do more collaborations this time around. I was thinking of doing something I've done only once - post lyrics only for someone else to set to music. (I'd perhaps write the words as I played guitar, which is how I usually do it, and then see what someone else comes up with compared to mine.)
Also I've recommitted to learning Spanish since returning from Costa Rica last week, so I'll do some lyrics in Spanish, too. (I've been rehearsing a 50/90 song I did in Spanish last year.)

@Chip Withrow I would love to collaborate with you!

I'm here again this year and want to collaborate please !!!

@yam655 That's nice to hear. Will you put some of those on 50/90 this year?

Oh I don't know yet how to use this forum, it's my first post.
How do I tag someone that he can see my post?

New name - new me - doesn't matter who I was, I'm Pearl Manhattan now - looking forward to collaborations, skirmishes, and lots of listening. Counting down the days!!

Due to family wedding in Brisbane and other things, I can't actually start 5090 until mid July. I'll be in and out with gaps of a couple of weeks because of work (in my "new" incarnation of rental property renovator, which gives us our current living). But having missed msot of FAWM 2018, and with even more of FAWM 2019 likely to disappear, it's 5090 I'll have to concentrate on! Short situational report: the "Ngurunderi" opera, delayed in 2017 following shock resignation and disappearance of producer/CEO/music director, now appears dead in the water through political cowardice. Who knows what the future is there--it will get produced eventually but I'm unlikely to still be alive to see it. I try to reign in my despair and bitterness--worse things have happened in my life but not many. Also: deaths of close friends, family disasters, a whole lot of miseries but bright spots too. Mrs Tadpole has passed the magic 5-year post-BC point in reasonable health--she's even started mild skiing again. Thanks for large mercies. I'm back to writing at least some music, my little band of Patrons at patreon.com/timfatchen have made it possible to keep the aging and failing equipment up as well as encouraging me to keep going, and there have been some strange but...interesting... exercises including near-amputation of a finger by the kitchen sink and the wholly strange Indian Pacific Wheel Race across the empty Nullarbor. For now, it's winter, and there's no shortage of material both serious and satirical to work with. But I've missed the serious listening and interaction of FAWM. So now, we'll move in a smaller but longer stage, right? Right!

@haim [ @nickname ] without the spaces.

It's been a whole week since I last recorded an album. Smile

Ha! Is that you, KotCJ?

@tcelliott Thank you!!

I can feel it...the site is going to reset...any minute now...any minute now...*anticipation* Smile