A lonely month of waiting (1 Month To Go)

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It'll be here before you know it. Who is ready to write some songs?

I know. I'm so busy, trying to get some things done BEFORE 50/90 cranks up. I might have a slow start and get rolling in, say, August.

Already getting the song pump primed and rolling...

Dunno if I am ready for the 5 in 9 pace, as I have been averaging maybe 2 in 30 since FAWM. Am anticipating a slow start and the finish line may not be the priority it once was, but I will be here.

yay 4 weeks to go... i look forward to it!

Yes the classic. I finished my latest album middle of May so now I'm kinda just waiting for this to start. Though I'll try make an EP before just because I can't wait that long if I have inspiration. Hope I make more songs this year...

Can't wait. I'm anticipating a fast start and then a drop-off - the months between February and July are months of seeding, percolating, semi-conscious creative thoughts and gathering emotions. I'll have a lot of raw material to work with at the start, and then I'll have to start the real work after a few weeks or a month, once everything I have lying around has been developed. No idea how I'll do this year - my personal circumstances are utterly different and there's a lot of Life Stuff to sort out. But I'm looking forward to the attempt.

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I’ve done FAWM twice but this will be my first 50/90. Sine FAWM almost killed me - lol - will have to see what I can do for 50/90 but ready to challenge myself.

I've done a heap of writing (lyrics) over the past couple of months. I hope my Muse hangs around a while longer. Wink I won't be aiming for any specific number, though. Just taking things as they come. Got too many other things on the go at the moment.

I'm here. I'm hoping to make some children's songs since I have my leave for a month on July

Ah, the Barkley Marathons of songwriting challenges returns...

I was kind of out of it for FAWM this year. I'm really hoping 50/90 is smoother. We'll see, though.

I have not done anything musical since FAWM. Haven't written anything, or picked up an instrument. Sometimes I think I've forgotten how to think musically. What is even good any more....Be interested to see if I still have anything

and the calendar turns to half-a-month

Im ready to roll! Just got home after being away 4 months. Sorting out instruments and technology. C u all around.